Rick Bell, Owner, Operator, Designer and Developer

I Pride my company and I on old school charm and customer service. Let OCD Multimedia Inc. and I make you our priority today. We will guide you through the steps and provide the tools to make the process as smooth as can be for you. We understand that you have other things to deal with.


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  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Social Media

About Me

Hello, I’m Rick. I’ve Been Building Websites For Over 32+ Years!

Professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I was always taught the value of good customer service.

I have worn many hats and accomplished a great many things in my life. I taught myself many different forms & methods of web design, graphics, audio, video & media over the years. Today I use WordPress as our web design platform. along with Adobe graphics software, Google management systems, SEO and how to manage all this technical stuff that is ever-changing and beyond most of us.

I Pride myself on being the best I can be every day and doing the best I can to improve upon that each day, For each and every client we do business with small or large. I look forward to making you and your business part of the OCD Multimedia family, Let us do the difficult bits for you and your business today!

Honestly, who has the time to manage all the aspects required for your business presence and marketing needs? OCD Multimedia Inc. will take care of your marketing and online presence so you don’t have to worry. We provide a unique service to our business clients and look forward to assisting you in your every day online presence and marketing needs. Contact OCD Multimedia Inc. Today, just CLICK HERE!

My Vision

My goal is to provide that small shop feel for clients with the big firm service/s and support.

OCD Multimedia Inc. provides a stable, solid solution for clients so that they can have piece of mind and confidence, in knowing there online marketing and maintenance needs are being met. Even our base packages include our feedback portal so you can request changes, upload photos and more from the convenience of whatever device your on, wherever and whenever you have the time.

I believe design is an art

Most people are visual

I build as I design.



Determine Clients Goals and requirements for the project. Set forth the short term list of items we must achieve to proceed with said project.


The development process is underway and the satisfied customer is kept in the loop as we design the agreed-upon package.


Development Package is delivered to the client for review, and revisions are made until my team and the valued customer are happy.


The customer and OCD agree upon the changes, sign off as completed. The pre-arranged maintenance contract begins.

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects


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Some of My Work

The OCD Multimedia Team

  • Merchandising Degree
  • Book Keeping
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Team Coordinator
Sarah Fazio

Manager, OCD Multimedia Inc.

  • Google Certifications: Analytics, Adwords, Adsense
  • Website Editor
  • Product Photos
  • Stock Photography
  • Processing
  • Customer Service
Javen Kaechele

Developer, OCD Multimedia Inc.

  • People Skills
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Trade Shows
Danielle Loiselle

Social Media Coordinator, OCD Multimedia Inc.

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